Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home Tuition - Is Grass Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence?

We always think that the effort our children are putting in their academics is below the required level. We would always condemn their television hours and hardly appreciate the time that they give towards their studies. Getting an A grade is not as much appreciated as getting a C grade is criticized.
Because of such a culture being instilled in our minds, we look for other ways to improve their academic performance. Unfortunately, the other ways are not as 'greener' as the morning school timings, but here is a quick flash about what they are.
You can get your child enrolled in a private tuition center, which might be owned, by one of the ex-principals or retired teachers. The private coaching school list of your local area may be obtained by the area head office, so you can choose which school fits the requirements of your child better. Usually, private tuition centers are the places where you can minimally monitor the activities of your child. The control of the tutor is also great, so you might want to rule this option out. Nobody will guarantee improvement in the grades of your kids, so you must invest some hours after school and help them complete their homework in time.
If you are well versed in the subjects that your child is studying at school, you might not even need to look at the 'greener' other side of the fence. You can tutor your child in the best possible way. This is because you, as a mother or father, know the capacity of your child.
Does Your Child Really Need Extra Tuition?
If you are still determined to improve the grades of your children and to guarantee a higher level of success, home tuition is the second best option. Getting your child an extra tuition for it will improve his performance in school. However, to secure that the money you will spend for the tuition is worth it, you should find a teacher who can easily develop a close relationship with your child. Make sure that you assess not just his or her skills and experience, but his or her attitude as well. As a parent, you always want your child to be in good hands, right?
Role of Internet in Providing Home Tuition:
If you are planning to choose online home tuition provided by online tutors, you need to be more careful. There are some who might play a fraud on you too, so you should be on guard. However, before this exercise, you should know that paying a tuition will not always improve the academic performance of your children. Extra coaching sessions can mark the progress of a child because the element of competition is absent in the evening schools, whereby the motivation mainly lies in lucrative business of getting higher fees from students.
Make a proper survey and ask from people in your locality who have been sending their children to coaching schools, before you change your mind to find the right coaching center for your child. You should think that progress comes with some opportunity cost.

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