Friday, December 16, 2011

What Will A College Degree Get Me?

With the economic state that the country is currently in, many high school seniors are asking themselves if getting a college degree will benefit them. At one time getting your college degree mean finding a job in your field and ensuring that position for many years to come. On top of job security it also meant that you would be making more money in that field and that you would move up the corporate ladder much faster than someone else in the company that did not have a degree.
During the last couple of years we have witnessed a great increase in the unemployment status of this country. The majority of these individuals are those that worked hard through college with the hopes of obtaining a secure employment and steady advancement. These individual found themselves at a disadvantage, however, when companies were looking to downsize and reduce expenditures. They were let go and replaced with new individuals for lower salaries. This left the college graduates to take the lower income positions that they were over qualified for just so they could bring home a paycheck. Each month when these men and women make a payment on their student loans they question if it was even worth it.
Even though this is how things may have turned over the past few years it is still a wise choice to seek a higher education. Things are going to turn back around and when they do you will be the one that companies are fighting over. When you have a college degree you appear more professional, you have a better looking resume and you are more attractive to businesses than someone that does not have a degree.
Higher education not only provides an individual with an opportunity to get ahead but also with the higher thought process to get a job and keep a job. When it comes to getting a higher education of course it is best to choose a field and then plow forward but it is also important to obtain whatever financial assistance you can from the government as well as to make sure that you find ways to keep the cost of your college education way down.
When you leave college you so not want to have more student loans then you can afford. A college degree is something that should be capitalized on, not something that you need to work to pay off and get a second job just to pay your other monthly bills. You don't want to have to pay for that degree when you are retiring at 65, after all the whole reason you got the degree was so that you can get ahead in the world not get further behind.

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